Hooked is the angler’s guide to discovering all of the best fishing waters and making it easy to reserve them. Hooked: the 21st-century pier-to-pier pirate map app.


I worked for over a year to transform Hooked from a client’s hazy idea into a fully functioning app. I created the feature set, survey frames, wireframes, clickable InVision prototype, and website. Heading up a team of developers, I worked extensively to debug and iterate the app’s functionality, both pre-launch and post-launch, on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Of special attention for this app are the wireframes and clickable prototype: I created in Sketch over 164 individual screen frames, the largest number of frames I have done for any app. Although budget constraints meant some of my original designs didn’t make it into the final development, my original designs are expected to be included in a v2 or v3 update later on.


Generally, existing sportfishing apps display open-water fishing locations, angling tips, rules, world records, fish species identification and a board to show off catches. We wanted to add to those existing functionalities and create a peer-to-peer platform for anglers to communicate, interact and transact with the owners and custodians of private/off-limits fishing spots and waterways for a water-less-traveled fishing experience.


Hooked is an app that enables recreational anglers to find both public and private fishing spots around the US. When these spots are owned or managed by an entity, the app also provides a way to list and rent out the space to anglers and outdoor enthusiasts.

1 in 7

The portion of Americans who take to the nation’s oceans, rivers, lakes and streams for recreational angling annually.


If recreational fishing was its own corporation, it would rank #54 on the Fortune 500 List, ahead of Google and Intel.

$115 B

The economic impact of recreational fishing on the nation’s economy, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.


Users can enter their location to begin exploring the fishing waters in their area.


Hooked includes specific fishing spots or properties, pricing info and links to booking capabilities.


With the map, users can see all the relevant fishing and camping locations in the vicinity.


Part of my design process included conducting market research and surveys of people who are the intended users of the app. Below are some of their response and how I implemented their feedback to improve the design:

“Add additional information regarding surrounding amenities.”

In response to this feedback, I incorporated a new set of icons to illustrate locations, items, amenities, and more in a way that users could easily understand.


“Change it to an overall outdoors or camping app.”

At first, I was not sure what to make of this feedback, but then I got the idea of adding additional features to create an end-to-end planning experience for fishing trips.


Clickable Prototype