The Changed app allows users to discover what’s trending, virtually try on clothes using augmented reality (AR), and post short videos and photos of what they’re wearing to share the shopping experience.

Discover is where users can see the latest trends in fashion. The augmented reality and eCommerce features enable trying on clothes using AR and buying within the app.


With AR, users can try on clothes virtually before buying them. The built-in social feed means they can also film quick videos for friends to join their shopping experience.


With Changed, users don't have to worry about buying clothes that are the wrong size. They can get the benefits of shopping in-store from the comfort of their own home.


This project came about during my ArtCenter Extension course, Introduction to Interaction Design led by instructor John Deyto, during the summer of 2020. I formulated an app from concept to clickable prototype, showcasing the many stages of design and development along the way. The app combines augmented reality technology with a video-sharing platform for users to try on clothing digitally and then share the outfits with others, with links to purchase and ship the clothing straight to their doors. 


User Scenario: Jenny is shopping online for fashionable clothing from the comfort of her home and wants to try on clothes virtually, then share her experiences with her friends online. This was inspired by our current time in the midst of COVID, as many people are reluctant or unable to go shopping at their usual retailers in person.


The app showcases real-life and augmented reality clothing experiences with friends and beyond. As users gain followers who click on their clothing link and make a purchase, a portion of the profit goes back to the original wearer of the clothing/fashion influencer. 


- Trying on Clothes Digitally

- Social Media

- Opportunity to share with friends

- Shopping is key

- Content can be user generated

- Opportunity for consumer to make money

- Tool for influencers

- Must be engaging

- Fun to use


Anyone can post videos to the general news feed and share with friends. They can include hashtags and make posts visible to the general Changed user database or just their friends.


When trying on clothes using augmented reality, users can adjust the size of their clothing and the colors available. This helps ensure they get exactly what they want before checking out.


Users can input their payment and shipping info and have clothes delivered straight to their home.

Jenny now enjoys using the Changed app from the comfort of home, and feels reconnected with her fashion-minded friends. Despite being physically distant from others due to COVID-19, she now has a channel through which to express her inner fashionista and communicate with her friends about fashion in a fun and engaging manner.

Clickable Prototype